Zambia president slams ‘reckless propaganda’ on China relations


Zambian President Edgar Lungu said on Friday that the country’s relations with China are mutually beneficial and no malicious propaganda will break the friendship.

In a speech at the opening of third session of the 12th National Assembly on Friday, Lungu stressed that Lusaka’s dealings with Beijing were mutual and that the relations were set to be entrenched in the interest of both parties.

“Our friendship with China is mutual and no amount of malicious propaganda will deter us from the opportunities that lie ahead,” Lungu said in response to verbal attacks made by both local and foreign media on the Zambia-China relationship.

Zambia, he said, has a choice on which countries to associate with and on what terms to agree to in bilateral relations, adding that the relations between China and Zambia are of mutual benefit.

“It (China) will never colonize Zambia, because unlike others, it has no record of colonialism,” he said, adding that the relations hold common good for the people of both nations.

“Zambia has become an economic battle ground between the West and China because there is something good about it. They say if you throw a stone at a tree, then there is fruit in that tree,” the head of state noted.

President Lungu also expressed disappointment with the Public Relations department at the RDA for not explaining to citizens why Roads in Zambia cost millions of US dollars as compared to other nations in the region.

“I am a politician, you who have employed and better understand these things must be in the front to explain to Zambians who are the masters, now when you keep quiet, you leave the opposition to continue accusing us to be corrupt,” complained President Lungu

Lungu also mentioned a China-supported project dubbed “access to satellite television by 10,000 African villages,” saying it is a further practical benefit of the country’s digital migration program.

Cooperative projects with China have created more jobs in Zambia, the president said.

“Our vision as a country is to become a prosperous middle-income nation by 2030,” the president said at the session whose theme is Working Together to Achieve Vision 2030.

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