Writing on Uganda’s National Currency is Illegal – BoU

Governor of the Bank of Uganda, Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile
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KAMPALA – The central bank has expressed concern about several social media postings circulating images of Uganda’s currency notes with hand written political campaign messages.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Governor, Bank of Uganda (BoU), Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile noted that the central bank, was by law the only authority allowed to issue currency in Uganda and that includes the power to determine the features that can appear on any currency note or coin.

His statement follows a photo of cash notes that appeared on social media inscribed with words such as “Vote Bobi Wine 2021” while others read, “Vote Yoweri Museveni”

Bank of Uganda warns that writing on Banknotes [graffiti] can get you arrested
Governor Emmanuel Mutebile said: “The public is advised to accept only those notes that bear features as designed by Bank of Uganda.”

“Individuals involved with defacing and/or those accepting defaced notes risk losing value of their banknotes,” he added.

According to Prof. Mutebile, markings or writings on currency notes interfere with security features that are useful in establishing the authenticity of the genuine currency notes.

He not only warned against the use of Uganda’s currency notes for any other purposes other than for making or receiving payment(s) but also advised the public to accept only those notes that bear features as designed by Bank of Uganda.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that the Penal code makes it a crime for anyone who destroys legal tender of a country. Although the notes remain in circulation, the act shortens the lifespan of the currency.

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