Women Shall No Longer Wait

Dr Stella Nyanzi. /Photo Credit: Zahara Abdul
By :
Dr Stella Nyanzi

Women shall no longer wait for absent men

To drive these poisonous snakes out of houses

We pick up your machetes rusting away

And chop the venomous snakes into many pieces


Women shall no longer wait for castrated men

To carry the coffins of kin killed by the state

We wear your trousers and your kanzus

And lift the caskets to the graves dug by ourselves


Women shall no longer wait for timid men

To fight for the liberation of Uganda

We pack missiles in our own pens and grenades in our mouths

And shoot our truths at the dictatorship


Women shall no longer wait for blinded men

To drive us to the beautiful promised land

We thicken the muscles of our legs

And ride ourselves to freedom on bicycles and cars


Women shall no longer wait for faceless men

To woo, love or pleasure us

We wear dildos dipped in oil

And inseminate ourselves with strongest sperm


Dr Stella Nyanzi is a Ugandan academician and feminist activist. She is currently jailed at Luzira maximum security prison in Kampala and faces charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication, stemming from her poems shared on Facebook which prosecutors claim “disturbed the peace, quiet or right of privacy of President Museveni.” She is known to deploy radical rudeness to disrupt and challenge power – be it political or social. As she turns 45 today [June 16], allow us share with you this poem written from her prison cell and first published by African Feminism

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