WAZA’s 73rd Annual Conference opens in Bangkok

WAZA President Dr Jenny Gray, Chairman of ZPO Prof. Parntep Ratanakron & Environment Minister of Thailand, General Surasak Karnjanar at the official Opening ceremony for the WAZA 73rd Annual Conference
By :
Geoffrey Baluku

World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA) conference opens in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is a modern city with over 500 years of history that consistently ranks among the world’s top tourist destinations, and Thailand’s connection to the natural world is evident.

The conference theme, “Wild at Heart,” is meant to reflect not only on the passion each of us holds for the animals in our care, but also the link those animals represent in the battle to save endangered species and protect natural habitat, said Mr Doug Cress the WAZA Chief Executive Officer.

Among the issues for discussion at the 73rd Annual conference that started on 21st October and runs till October 25, 2018 are; collaboration and partnerships focused at helping achieve the aspirations of modern Zoos and Aquaria through the WAZA Global Conservation Strategy.

Dr Jenny Gray, WAZA President

“There is no other global body with the reach, skills & resources we have in global wildlife care and conservation,” says Dr Jenny Gray, the WAZA President.

WAZA is not only celebrating these achievements, but also taking a hard look at what the work zoos and aquariums are doing in the 21st century not only to raise their own standards, but also play a more active role in securing the future for wildlife.

“Our WAZA members have the skills and resources to save animals. Right around the planet we are working to make a difference for wildlife,” adds Dr Gray.

Mr James Musinguzi and conservation icon Dr Jane Goodall at the 73rd WAZA Conference in Bangkok

The WAZA has two types of membership. The first is an association member that is through another zoo association such as the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The second is a direct institutional membership of WAZA.

Mr. James Musinguzi, The Executive Director Uganda Wildlife Education Centre who is representing not only UWEC, but the Pearl of Africa at the conference, has been able to meet and discuss issues related to; wildlife management, poverty, species trade, natural habitat protection, climate change with respected conservation icon; Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Jenny Cray, the WAZA President, Mr. Doug Cress, the CEO WAZA, among other Zoos and Aquarium Directors.

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