Visiting UWEC Entebbe Zoo during Covid times

UWEC ED Dr James Musinguzi. Courtesy Photo/File
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Baluku Geoffrey

The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC), more popularly called Entebbe Zoo, is neither a Safari Park nor a zoo in a conventional sense but rather a center where wildlife education is combined with leisure.

UWEC’s main aim is to model the main ecosystem of Uganda in open range exhibits. The center takes great pride not only in it’s interactive interpretation and briefings but also the diligent enforcement of high sanitary regulations and respiratory etiquette to mitigate the spread of corona virus.

Is the Zoo open everyday? Yes the Zoo is open Monday to Sunday 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Can I enter with a group larger than 100 people? Under the governments rules for public venues, we are required to manage numbers to ensure that no group entering is made up of more than 20 people at ago. However, we can sub divide the 100 into 5 groups of 20 each.

Is there any restriction to paths around the zoo? Not at this stage.

Can I pay with cash? Cashless payments preferred to limit contact with the wildlife conservation Centre’s reception team.

Do I have to supply my details? – yes all public venues are required to keep records that include: visitor full name, phone number and email address, date and time and/or time of arrival and leaving.

Are Animal Encounters available? Yes – Special programs like animal encounters are open and running. However, these encounters are pre booked for purposes serving clients better. With the impact of Covid 19 keenly felt not just in Uganda but worldwide, these wildlife encounters are being run under Strict SoPs not only to protect our animals but also to enable our clients enjoyment, as we know how much you love connecting with wildlife in this way.

Will the Restaurant be open? Yes, the Restaurant over looking lake Victoria is open, but with strict adherence to SoPs.

Are there hand sanitizing stations around the zoo? Yes there are hand sanitizers available for visitors stationed at the entrance, toilets, Restaurant and exhibit areas around the zoo.

Please, if you or any of your family/group are not feeling well delay your visit.

– Entry/ Activity Rates – 

Activity                                             Category                                         Rates
Behind the Scenes Experience              Non Residents                                   70 USD

Behind the Scenes Experience              Residents                                          50 USD

Behind the Scenes Experience              Ugandans                                          50,000UGX

Chimp Integration Program                  Non Residents                                   290 USD

Chimp Integration Program                  Foreign Resident                                200 USD

Keeper for a Day                                 Non Residents                                   150 USD

Keeper for a Day                                 Foreign Residents                              100 USD

Keeper for a Day                                 Junior                                               50 USD

VIP Exclusive Behind the Scene            Non Residents                                   100 USD

VIP Exclusive Behind the Scene            Foreign Resident                                70 USD

Day Visit                                            Ugandans                                          10,000UGX

Day Visit                                            Ugandan Children                               5,000 UGX

Day Visit                                            Foreign Non Residents                        15 USD

Day Visit                                            Foreign Residents Adults                     10 USD

Day Visit                                            Foreign Resident Kids                          5 USD

School Parties (Primary & Secondary) Booked Schools (Mon to Wed)               4,000 UGX

School Parties (Primary & Secondary) Booked Schools (Thursday Friday )        5,000 UGX

School Parties (Primary & Secondary) Booked Schools (Weekends)                  4,000 UGX

School Parties (Primary & Secondary) International Schools(Special Activities) 10,000 UGX

School Parties (Primary & Secondary) Tertiary/ Higher Institutions of learning   6,000 UGX

Family Banda/ Cottages                     Non Residents                                       120 USD

Family Banda/ Cottages                     Foreign Residents/Ugandans                  270,000UGX

Other Bandas / Cottages                   Double Non Residents ( Bed & Breakfast) 70 USD

Other Bandas / Cottages                   Single Non Residents (Bed ONLY)            50 USD

Other Bandas / Cottages                   Ugandans (Single)-(Bed & Breakfast)      80,000 UGX

Other Bandas / Cottages                   Ugandan (Double)-(Bed & Breakfast)     100,000UGX

Long Stay Volunteers                        1 Month                                               2,500 USD

Long Stay Volunteers                        1 Week                                                 650 USD

Filming Chimpanzees                         1 Day                                                   2,000 USD

General Filming                                 1 Day                                                   700 USD

Students Research                             1 Month (Ugandans)                            300,000UGX

Students Research                             1 Month (International)                         500 USD

Parking                                             1 Day                                                   2000 UGX

Fees can be paid cash in the equivalent of Uganda shillings or through visa or mobile money (MTN / Airtel)

– Support For UWEC Amid Covid Pandemic –

The UWEC has been impacted by Covid-19, however, like humans, animals also have pressing needs such as food that need to be provided at all times.

While the government of Uganda through the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities funds a portion of UWEC’s annual budget, the center also relies on the support from generous hearts to build new animal enclosures/exhibits, develop conservation education curriculum materials, conduct animal rescues around the country, community outreaches, research, and skill the wildlife ambassadors.

Around 40 staff are onsite at UWEC including; animal care givers, veterinary and facilities staff who have a task to sustain operations and welfare of the animals.

Your generosity today will make a difference at UWEC to continue promoting wildlife conservation.

How to reach out to fund the UWEC: Emergency financial assistance can be channeled via

For questions and additional information please call +256 788 788456 or email: [email protected]

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