UPDF Chopper Crashed During Heavy Down Pour- Eye Witness

Wreckage of the UPDAF ranger chopper that crashed today in Gomba killing two people. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF that crashed on Tuesday morning killing two crew members could have come down because of bad weather, according to an eye witnesses.

The Defense Ministry Spokesperson, Brigadier General, Richard Kalemire, said in a tweet that the jet Ranger AF302 crashed in Bulo in Gomba district while on a training mission.

Sadly, no one is reported to have survived,” he said.

URN later established from UPDF sources that those killed in the crash were Major Naomi Karungi, a UPDF Helicopter pilot and Benon Wakalo, a cadet pilot.

A team of UPDF officers led by Major Edward Birungi, the Air Defense Spokesperson dashed to Ndeese hill in Ndeese village to secure the remains of their comrades.

Major. Birungi told reporters that the officers were heading to Kabamba for a joint training exercise for air defense forces.

He declined to comment about the possible cause of the crash, saying the army will issue a statement after investigations.

However, Baker Kiyonga, an eye witness, said that he saw the chopper about 11.00am heading for the hill in zigzag motion during a heavy down pour before he heard a very loud bang shortly after.

The chopper crashed completely to the extent that apart from the wreckage that was littered around the scene, nothing shows that it was for a chopper.

The bodies of the crew members were also crashed beyond recognition. The bodies of the slain soldiers were picked up by another chopper later in the evening to unknown destination.


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