United Airlines’ flight forced to land after passenger gets stuck in plane’s toilet

A United Airlines flight made an unscheduled landing after a passenger got stuck in the lavatory. Photo: United Airlines
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A United Airlines’ flight 1554 en-route to San Francisco from Washington DC was forced to land at Denver International Airport on Wednesday after a passenger got trapped in the plane’s toilet.

Confirming the bizarre incident, Andrea Hiller, spokeswoman for United Airlines said, the “lavatory door became inoperative” during the flight.

It was not immediately clear for how long the passenger was trapped in the planes toilet.

According to the airline, Denver fire department responded promptly to the distress call and were very helpful when they landed at the airport to get the trapped passenger out.

The workers can be seen trying to release the woman. Credit: ABC

A video had emerged on social media showing other passengers desperately trying to free their trapped fellow passenger – a woman without much success, until the fire crew arrived. The airline later apologised for the mishap and also clarified further that all passengers were transferred to a new plane and that everyone made it to their final destination safely. The flight landed in San Francisco at 11 pm on Wednesday night, about two-and-a-half hours after its original arrival time.

United Airlines said, the airline is “reaching out to all customers on-board and the customer in the lavatory to apologise.”

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