Uganda’s Nadia Matovu to Feature on DStv’s First Original Pan-African Lifestyle Channel, HONEY

Nadia Mbire Matovu. /Instagram
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Baluku Geoffrey

Nadia Mbire Matovu, daughter to businessman Charles Mbire has confirmed she will be part of a Pan-African lifestyle channel, Honey that starts showing on DSTV channel 173 from March 19.

The show, that was launched on Monday, 15 February 2021 will have five aspiring social stars from five African countries go all out to win over the ‘opinionistas’.

“Catch me on DSTV’s new lifestyle channel @honeyafricatv from March 19th proudly representing Uganda on the Next Big Tender,” Nadia posted on her Instagram page.

Nadia Matovu as she prefers to call herself, will be in the competition with Lharley from Ghana, Sheila from Kenya, Precious from Nigeria and Kutlwano from South Africa.

According to Yolisa Phahle, Multichoice Group CEO of General Entertainment and Connected Video, “Honey showcases Africans living their best lives and depicts an honest modern day view of our diverse countries, cultures, and people.”

“As Africa’s most loved storyteller, DSTV continues to be bold in delivering the best content the continent has to offer, while ensuring that we celebrate the way we live. This is a lifestyle channel made in Africa for Africans,” adds Phahle.

Other shows to watch on the channel include; Pastors’ wives. This reality series, produced by Sonia Mbele who was also responsible for The Real Housewives of Joburg, features pastors’ wives from across the continent as they do their best for their families and church communities. Expect opulence and plenty of behind-the-pulpit drama.

Love swap: This Nigerian reality drama series presents a relationship challenge in which couples swap partners for a home-cooked meal. Each episode will culminate in a joint dinner featuring both couples, during which they share their impressions of each other and what they have learned about their own relationships.

Making the menu: In each episode of this proudly Kenyan series, two food bloggers create a bespoke meal for a popular local eatery, with the restaurateur deciding which dish deserves a space on the menu. Viewers will also enjoy a journey through Nairobi’s cultural attractions and the city’s sights, sounds and traditions as the contestants look for inspiration outside the kitchen.

Yes! Ndio! Beeni! Singer and actress Patricia Kihoro and TV and radio host Foi Wambui team up for another Kenyan production. Foi is a celebrated radio host on Hot96 and Radio Jumbo, whose entertaining sketches and self-development and lifestyle-related content have made her a YouTube sensation. Along with her fellow YouTuber and online influencer, Patricia, she helps suitors pop the question in Yes! Ndio! Beeni! The pair act as event planners to design a proposal that not only stays true to the couple’s love story but guarantees a ‘yes!’.

Ehe, it’s a match: There is more matchmaking in this colourful dating show shot in Zambia, in which a cooking cupid invites two potential love birds to his or her home and cooks them a meal. After the meal, the two decide whether to meet up again at a local eatery. Will they or won’t they find love?

Shine shine: Presented by Mbali Nkosi, this show focuses on personal transformation, with a makeover squad coming to the rescue of someone in need of a new look and a confidence boost to take the next big step in their life. Viewers can look forward to witnessing surprised and deserving contestants undergo dramatic transformations.

Hoot, cook, go: A vibrant food culture, particular palates and often curious cultures are put to the test as three teams compete for a prize on this show. Each team is given a chance to show off exactly who they are with a plate of food that they only have an hour to prepare. When they hear the hooter, it’s time to get in the car and move on to the next team’s house.

The buzz: Anele Mdoda hosts The buzz, a talk show also featuring Pearl Umeh from Nigeria, Rachel Wakesho from Kenya, Zanna Katoka from the DRC, and Davina Mavuwa from Zimbabwe. Sparks fly as these five women, with different personalities and from different cultures, solve a viewer’s dilemma, whether concerning romance, health, side hustle or family and friends.

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