Ugandan Parliament Approves Creation of 47 New Constituencies, rasing Number of MPs to 497

Local Government Minister Raphael Magyezi (seated) moved and tabled the motion for the creation of new constituencies
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Kampala, Uganda – Forty Seven new constituencies across the country that were recently approved by cabinet have today come into effect after Parliament passed their creation.

The creation followed a motion on Thursday, that was tabled by Local Government Minister, Raphael Magyezi seeking for a resolution of Parliament under Article 179 clause 4 of the Constitution to create new counties.

This was the second time the Minister was returning to parliament over the same issue after failing to have some counties passed on June 30, 2020 when he had a list of 15 constituencies.

“Honorable members you recall I first came with the list of 15 constituencies. I have since amended the motion and now have 47 constituencies,” Magyezi said.

Minister Magyezi got a sole objection from Kampala Central MP, Mohammed Nsereko, who said argued that Kampala having the highest population, and contributes about one-third of the country’s revenue, needed to have more and not just the split of Nakawa division.

“Honorable colleagues, there is an injustice against the people of Kampala. We have the highest population and contribute over third of the revenues,” the Kampala Central MP argued.

The House, however, passed the motion, and the new constituencies are expected to be gazetted early next week to cope with the 2021 electoral calendar.

Among the new counties Minister Magyezi presented and were approved by parliament; Butiru, Bokora East, Napore West, Mawogola West, Otuke East, Ruhama East, Isingiro West, T’oo County, Ochero Soi County, Namisindwa, Gweri, Pingire, Bunghoko Central, Aringa East, Kyaka Central, Ruhinda South, Bushigai, Gogonyo, Busiki North, West Budama North East, Maruzi North, Dodoth North, Rwampara East, Buhaguzi East, Nwoya East, Namayengo South, Elgon North, Samia-Bugwe South, Kapir and Kyoga North

Others are Buhweju West, Bugangaizi South, Bukanga North, Bukimbiri, Chkwi East, Bulanda County, Buwekula South, Buyanja East, Ngariam, Agago West, Kiboga West, Kwania North, Kagoma North and Nakaseke Central.

The Deputy Attorney General, Jackson Kafuuzi as well tabled before Parliament a motion for creation of Nakawa West Constituency to be split from Nakawa division which was also approved by members of the House.

Africa Tembelea understands that Uganda will now have 353 county MPs, 134 district women MPs and women members of parliament from the newly created cities bringing the total number to 497 MPs.

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