Ugandan opposition sponsored online trolls target pro Museveni Ministers with fake propaganda

Hon Frank Tumwebaze and family celebrating excellence of their daughter Nisha Tumwebaze in her 2016 PLE. Courtesy Photo/File
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One of the targeted ministers is active, nonsense and eloquent pro Museveni Frank Tumwebaze. He is the only Museveni minister who is bold and can speak convincingly and eloquently about NRM and Museveni achievements.

Tumwebaze is also very popular in his constituency after having passed unopposed. He has never scored bellow 82% in his constituency in all the last consecutive elections he has gone thru. He is always a target of both opposition activists who see him as a Museveni dismantling gun and also targeted by internal intrigue of his fellow colleagues in government for outshining them.

Last year, ISO targeted him and wrote fake dossiers to Museveni about him linking him to Rwanda but finally the President discovered that the dossiers were fake and only driven by intrigue. When a new government or reshuffle is anticipated, Tumwebaze is always suspected of getting promoted or getting reshuffled to a big and busier ministry because of his ability to make decisions.

Even when he left the ministry of ICT, the president still gives him ICT related tasks . For example last year in December the president tasked him to represent him at a virtual meeting of SMART Africa hosted online by President Kagame. The meeting was hosted by heads of government and Prime ministers.

Tumwebaze performed excellently well. This definitely wasn’t good news to Tumwebaze’s envious haters. It either signaled him returning to the powerful ministry of ICT or being elevated to PM. There has also been talk that he may be the next foreign affairs minister. Fact is: Tumwebaze kids haven’t asked for any visa from US embassy as is being vended by trolls online. His kids studied and some still study at Kampala parents and other Uganda schools.

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