Ugandan MPs call for emulation of Magufuli’s anti-graft policy

Premier Ruhakana Rugunda moved the motion to honour the late Magufuli
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Kampala, Uganda – Members of Parliament have called upon leaders at all levels of government to emulate the former President of Tanzania HE, John Pombe Magufuli’s leadership methods which they termed as exemplary.

While paying tribute to the late Tanzanian President on Thursday, 25 March 2021, legislators described Magufuli as a leader who had love for his nation and clamped down on corruption and wastage of resources.

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Ruhakana Rugunda who moved the motion said Magufuli achieved global recognition for his vision, ethical standards and innovative solutions for Tanzania.

“He restored discipline among public servants that has resulted in increased productivity in service delivery and controlled government expenditure ensuring value for money in all state-funded projects,” Rugunda said.

The Premier added that the late president fought corruption, tribalism, greed, laziness, poor service delivery and wastage of government resources.

“The late Magufuli redefined the role of the public service, by inculcating hard work and service delivery as a tool for social economic transformation, with the motto of ‘Hapa Kazi Tu’ which translates as ‘work only’, “he added.

Buyaga East MP Eric Musana said Magufuli exceptionally fought corruption leaving a lot for everyone to learn especially as far as taking action to uplift Uganda is concerned.

“We should celebrate Magufuli’s life by adopting some of the approaches he put in place to fight graft, develop infrastructure and even making unpopular decisions for the good of the general public,” Musana said.

Busia Municipality MP, Godfrey Macho noted that while it takes 30 years to realise a certain amount of infrastructural development in Uganda, it took Magufuli five years to make an equal impact with special emphasis.

“Can the leaders from within the Community especially Uganda draw lessons from the work of Magufuli instead of going through unfulfilled manifestos every elections?” he said.

Bukooli Island MP George Abott Ouma said Ugandan leaders should develop a special place in their hearts for their country like President Magufuli did for Tanzania.

“Because he loved his country, there was a substantial transition of affairs in the country streamlining resource wastage in the civil service and major development,” he said.

Oyam MP Santa Alum appreciated President Magufuli’s commitment towards supporting integration by ensuring that Tanzanians always participated in the East African Community activities as well as pushing for the completion of the Standard Gauge railway.

“Our government should fast-track the East African Standard Gauge railway so that we empower people in cross-border trade because Magufuli already set the ball rolling with extensive investment in the railway,” she added.

Kabale Municipality MP, Andrew Baryayanga called upon Ugandan leaders to adopt the ‘magufulication’ which essentially means being intolerant to corruption and pushing out results.

“Magufuli’s accomplishments included a number of infrastructural improvements across Tanzania such as expansion of the country’s tarmac roads network in both urban and rural areas and facility upgrades at the major Indian Ocean ports as well as the International Airport,” he said.

Dokolo MP Cecilia Ogwal said that the late president was pragmatic in showing that development and social transformation can be of great multitudes if those responsible for state resources manage them well.

She said Magufuli demonstrated that reducing wastage is not difficult and ensured that civil servants work harder for positive change.

“Some of our leaders need to learn to be humble and to easily interact with the people they serve because this will teach them to associate themselves with the issues at the grassroots,” she added.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga challenged the leaders in the central government to emulate and also surpass the achievements of President Magufuli.

Magufuli who suffered heart complications and died on Wednesday, 17 March, 2021 will be buried in his home town of Geita near Lake Victoria in Northern Tanzanian on Friday, 26 March 2021.

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