Uganda Police Hunt Driver for Knocking Fire Base Artiste

FILE PHOTO: Patrick Onyango, police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan.
By :
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Kampala Metropolitan police have launched a hunt for a diver who knocked and injured a member of the Fire Base crew belonging to Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Abubaker Mugisha alias Babuman aka First Suspect was moving on a Boda Boda when he was hit by a vehicle registration number UBF 846C.

Patrick Onyango, police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan, said Mugisha was knocked in the wee hours of Thursday at Kamwokya, Central Division, of Kampala City.

Onyango, quoting eyewitnesses said, Mugisha was traveling on a motorcycle UEJ 213N when a double cabin came from behind and hit them before speeding off.

“The vehicle did not stop to check on the victims. The rider was not badly injured like his passenger. Boda Boda cyclists who were nearby followed the said vehicle and managed to get the registration number,” Onyango said.

Mugisha is a resident of Komamboga, Kawempe Division, Kampala City whereas Tumwesigye Emmanuel is a resident of Mpererwe, Nnalongo zone, a rider at Kalamu stage near Uganda National Chambers of Commerce, Kira Road.

Police said Mugisha was rushed to Mulago hospital for treatment by a Good Samaritan, Derrick Nyeko, who offered his car registration number UAQ 900G. Kira Road traffic registered the accident as hit and run.

“We want to thank members of the public who managed to follow the vehicle and taking note of its registration number. We encourage the public to always take note of the number plates of vehicles that knock their victims and take off,” Onyango said.

Mugisha incident comes two weeks after another Fire Base member Michael Arinda alias Zigy Wyne, died of injuries which Kyadondo East MP, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi and the People Power movement still refute and insist Ziggy was kidnapped, tortured and died from his wounds

However, Uganda Police Spokesperson Enanga, quoting Roy Ataro, an eyewitness, said Ziggy, riding a Honda motorcycle registration number UDC 433, rammed into her on July 21, 2019 at Kyebando-Kisalosalo where they were both severely injured and the musician died on August 4.

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