UGANDA: Passport Picking Centre Shifted To Kyambogo Face Technologies


Kampala, Uganda | AFRICATEMBELEA | The passport picking center has been shifted from the Ministry of Internal Affairs headquarters to Kyambogo where Face Technologies used to be located.

Speaking to journalists at Naguru police headquarters, Jacob Siminyu, spokesperson of Immigration services said that in order to reduce the number of people that converge at the headquarters, they have decided to move the passport picking center to Kyambogo.

He said the big numbers of people who apply for passports and those who come to get them, inclusive of those who come to get other documents like Workers permits, the ministry has decided to shift as a way of avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

Siminyu adds that they are dividing the huge group into two including, those picking the passports that are ready and those applying for passports, and putting them in different places which will make the process much easier and efficient.

Siminyu further reminds the general public that the long awaited branch of Mbale was opened on Friday last week for the people in the Eastern region that want to apply and also those that would love to pick their documents. However, other branches like in Arua among others in different parts of the country are yet to be opened.

The Internal Affairs Ministry continues to inform the public to be mindful of the guidelines of COVID-19 as they come to pick or apply for their passports.


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