UGANDA: Kadaga urges women to document their stories

Kadaga launched a book titled ‘Rise UP’ by Rosemary Ssenabulya, former Executive Director, Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) at Protea Hotel on Friday, 6 March 2020.
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KAMPALA – The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has commended women icons in Uganda who have documented their success, saying it is a sure way of grooming girls into great women leaders.

Kadaga made these remarks while launching a book ‘Rise Up’ authored by Rosemary Ssenabulya, a former Executive Director for the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE).

She said that Ugandan women have been greatly exposed to leadership, businesses and corporate work and are now able to offer leadership to the next generation.

Kadaga noted that, the mentality that great men and women hail from Europe and America should not be handed over to the next generation, owing to the growing number of women in high positions.

“We Africans love to read books from America and Europe, but I think when an African and a woman at that, writes a book it is good,” she said.

Kadaga commended the author, Ssenabulya who she said has risen from a trade unionist to sitting on boards of reputable organizations recommending her for emulation.

“She has made an impact and I remember when she and I were on the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Board that started the wealth of NSSF; when we went in there they started earning hundreds of millions within a short time,” said Kadaga.

She excited the women dominated audience when she announced that she is yet to release a book on her journey, sending the audience into praises of her in what was described as ‘the icon for other women to emulate’.

“Kadaga is a unique woman to emulate, in addition to being the first woman lawyer to set up a law firm; leading Parliament is not an easy job,” said John Mitala Cabinet Secretary & Head of Public Service.

– Rise Up –

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga (left) receives a copy of the book [Rise Up]
Launched at Protea Hotel on Friday, 6 March 2020, the book [Rise Up] looks at how women can unleash their leadership potential.

In the book, Rosemary Ssenabulya, notes that what defines a woman is dictated by what culture said and is still saying. Things like a woman is a weak vessel, women are vulnerable, women are supposed to be submissive, women do this, women don’t do this. Whereas many of these have a grain of truth in them, and agrees to nature but she adds that there is big difference in what a man can do, and what a woman can do – at roles based level (emphasis added).

– Who is Rosemary Ssenabulya? –

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga and book author Rosemary Ssenabulya

Rosemary Namatovu Ssenabulya is a motivational speaker, trainer and author. She has mentored and been a coach to many women who have made it in prominent leadership positions in the country.

She started her career in the Labour Movement of Uganda as an Assistant Secretary General at one of the National Unions, rose to the rank of Treasurer General, Vice Chairman General, and Chairman General of the National Organization of Trade Unions (NOTU). She later went and led the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) for 17 years, being the first woman in Africa to head an Employers’ organization.

Among others, she has served and still serves on various boards of private and public companies, NGOs, and business associations at national, regional and international level. She is an entrepreneur and holds business interests in a number of private companies in Uganda.

In 2015, she received the Presidential Award on May 1st 2015 in recognition of her contribution to the enhancement of labor and employment relations in Uganda. This was followed by a second Presidential award in March 2017 which was in recognition of her contribution to the empowerment of women and promotion of Gender equality in Uganda.

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