Uganda Airlines first commercial flight pushed to August

FILE PHOTO: Uganda Airlines
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Kampala, Uganda – Uganda National Airlines will commence its first commercial flights in August and not July as earlier communicated.

The Minister of Works and Transport, Eng Monica Azuba said in a statement to parliament that rescheduling is due to the fact that the revived national carrier is yet to get an air operating certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

“The targeted date for the issuance of the air operating certificate to the airline by CAA 28th July, 2019. This means that Uganda Airlines can fly after that date. Already the booking, the reservations, the ticketing and accounting systems of Uganda Airlines have been activated but in a test environment. The systems have been set up using the provisional IATA designator and IATA accounting codes. The issuance of the air operating certificate will therefore trigger the activation of the codes in a live environment.” said Azuba.

On top of the the Air Operating Certificate, the Airline is expected to secure foreign air operator permits and licenses from destination countries before it can fly.

The Kasilo County MP, Elijah Okupa asked Azuba to name some of the proposed destinations for the Airline so that Ugandans can prepare ahead of the first commercial flight. Some of the planned destinations according to Azuba include Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa with plans to also fly to Rwanda, Khartoum and Ethiopia, when the remaining two CRJ 900 aircrafts arrive in September.

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