Turkish Based Ugandan Blogger Lumbuye Arrested

Turkish-based Ugandan blogger, Fred Kajubi Lumbuye. (Courtesy Photo/File)
By :
Kirunda Dan

Facebook and YouTube vlogger, Fred Kajubi Lumbuye, has reportedly been arrested in Turkey from where he was broadcasting hard hitting videos targeting government of Uganda and Buganda Kingdom officials.

Security sources confirmed his arrest and revealed that a team of operatives attached to Uganda’s External Security Organisation (ESO), working with the Turkish security, tracked and arrested the Turkish based Ugandan blogger from his hideout.

“He has been tracked for some time, and he was finally arrested. Lumbuye had several players behind him. It is time for truth-telling and for him to reveal whoever was involved in feeding him with falsehoods to cause acrimony,” a security source revealed.

Lumbuye’s arrest comes a few weeks after Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni directed security to track down people who misuse social media by spreading false information.

“Another idiotic problem that we need to solve is the social media. Social media apparently has been saying that Museveni is dead. So, the security service needs also to solve that problem. I need to check with them to locate quickly the one who tells such a story because you waste people’s time; they should go for you,” Museveni said early last month.

According to sources, plans are now underway to have Lumbuye extradited to Uganda.

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