Tumukunde outlines policy priorities as he starts presidential race

Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde. /Courtesy Photo

Kampala, Uganda | AFRICATEMBELEA | Former Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has unveiled his policy priorities as he journey’s to the presidency. Tumukunde, a three-star retired General of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces will be challenging Yoweri Museveni, his former boss and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in the next general election.

As he prepares for the race, Tumukunde pledges to improve governance, limit the concentration of power in the hands of the executive arm of government, tackle corruption, eradicate informal housing, invest in renewable energy, revive cooperatives, offer credit to women and youths, introduce technical education and amend the curriculum to enable job creation, among others.

Unlike other political contenders, Tumukunde says that he acknowledges the contribution of the National Resistance Movement [NRM] which he was part of until 2018 when he was sacked as the security minister. But he hastens to add that the task at hand requires new thinking.

“I don’t want to be one of those who imagine nothing has been done but the revolution has lost the way that’s why we want to put it back on the right path. Most Ugandans have an impression that nothing can be done to change this situation. We can change this situation come 2021,” Tumukunde said.

Tumukunde said that they are already on the ground organizing and that there is no doubt that they are touching the lives of voters in ways that have not been seen before. He said those doubting their capacity to cause change will be treated to a rude awakening on the declaration of election results.

He called upon all political contenders who wish to be an alternative to NRM, to make sure that they do the right things so that in the future they don’t have to regret their choices.

Tumukunde implored all Ugandans to take on their collective responsibility of ensuring that there is a transition from President Yoweri Museveni to another leader if the country is to have sustainable peace. He said he is engaging other political leaders so that they come up with one front against Museveni and his NRM.

He however mentioned that he was alive to the fact that most politicians are looking for their personal survival and wouldn’t mind if Museveni wins again for as long as their positions are secure.

Tumukunde is contesting as an independent candidate under the slogan Kisoboka, it’s possible. He will use orange as his official colour, the same as that of the defunct Go-Forward of the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who challenged and lost to Museveni in the 2016 election. Tumukunde’s pressure group will also use a palm pointing at the front as his symbol.

The function was attended by his coordinators from across the country. The most outstanding of them is Beatrice Kiraso, a former deputy of the East African Community Secretary-General in charge of political federation. Kiraso said if the country wants change, people must get involved in bringing it.

“We are offering a processed and finished product which means there is value addition. I was one of those people who had said I will not go back to politics until Gen Tumukunde engaged me, things don’t make themselves better but people make the better,” Kiraso said.


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