Tour Operator Arrested for DeFrauding Shs 25m From Tourists

Tindyebwa at Kira Police Station shortly after being arrested (Courtesy Photo)
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KAMPALA – The Uganda Tourism Police has arrested Nathan Tindyebwa, of Humura Trips Company Ltd for allegedly fleecing over Shs 25 ($7000) from four tourists .

Tindyebwa who has been on the run for about two weeks since the tourists reported him to Police, was on Sunday, March 8, 2020, tracked down and arrested in Kasubi, a Kampala suburb.

According to Police Commandant, CP Frank Mwesigwa, Tindyebwa was arrested after being tracked down by Tourism Police covert teams.

It is alleged that the suspect had been contracted by 4 different groups to help them organize trips to go Gorilla tracking and a safari to Murchison Falls National Park. According to CP Mwesigwa, Mr Tindyebwa failed to pay for both accommodation and transportation costs even after the visitors had already arrived into the country.

“We have been searching for Tindyebwa after a case was reported to us by one of the tourists from the UK. Using our intelligence were able to track him down and arrest him. Since then we have received more complaints and leads that further incriminate the suspect,” said CP Mwesigwa.

Mr. Tindyebwa is currently detained at Kira Police station where he is charged with allegedly obtaining money under false pretense.

Speaking to Africa Tembelea, Mr. Samora Semakula, the Quality Assurance Manager at Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), says that the board alongside the tourism joint security committee comprising of tourism police, the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Tourism Association are working around the clock to ensure that quality standards in Uganda’s tourism sector are maintained and the vice of tourist fleecing is brought to a conclusive end.

“As mandated by the Tourism Act (2008) Uganda Tourism Board last year kicked off a registration and licensing exercise of all tour operators and facilities in the tourism value chain. This process is aimed to effectively regulate the tourism sector and promote quality assurance across the value chain,” Semakula said.

“We thank the tourism police for the timely arrest of the accused, Mr Tindyebwa. Rogue tour operators are a threat to the growth of our tourism sector,” he added.

Mr Semakula thanked the Tourism police for its commitment to weed out quack tour operators who con tourists and urged all stakeholders to report any matters related to quack operators so as to ensure that law and order is upheld in the tourism sector and the country at large.

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