Three Acre Floating Island Gets Closer to Nalubale Dam

The 2nd floating island was pushed towards Jinja Pier yesterday. However, heavy and windy rains through out the night and this morning, a part of the island broke off and floated towards Nalubaale dam

A three acre floating island is just 200meters away from Nalubale power plant. The island, which is said to have been seven kilometers away from Nalubale power plant on Sunday afternoon, is reported to have broken away from a bigger floating island that was anchored along Bugungu landing site.

The island that measures four meters deep has split into 15 smaller pieces, making it hard for the excavators to extract.

Maj. Ivan Tukei, a UPDF Officer attached to the Engineering Brigade, says they had hopped of summing up their operations by clearing part of the debris that clogged the turbines this afternoon, but were shocked to find another floating island closer to the power plant.

He says the push boat operators are challenged moving the debris closer to the excavators because of heavy winds, which keep on blowing the island to different directions and increased water levels.

Feni Luvuyi, the Eskoms Operations Manager, says the island has been contained at the old bridge and won’t affect the operations of the power plant.

On Wednesday last week, the entire country plunged into darkness when debris entered turbines at Owens falls, Nalubale and Bujagali power dams. It took almost an hour to restore the power.


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