Tanzania to re-open schools, allow sporting and Tourist activities to resume – Magufuli

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli
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AT Reporter

Chato, Geita – Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli says he will reopen schools and allow sporting and tourist activities to resume in the next one week.

Speaking during a Sunday service at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chato, Magufuli said the number of Covid-19 infections in the country had dropped to low levels, and that he was considering re opening colleges if the trend remains as is in the coming week.

“The figures in my hand show that at Amana Hospital, the number of Covid-19 patients have gone down from 198 to 12,” Magufuli said.

The President noted that Muhimbili National Hospital was accommodating 30 in patients at its Mloganzila Hospital centre but the number had since gone down to six. He also revealed that at Kibaha, was a centre called Lulanzi where there were over 50 in-patients but as of May 17, the number had gone down to only 22.

“And these 22 are in very stable conditions. They are just like us only that they still test positive,” he said.

Among the private hospitals he mentioned were; Aga Khan Hospital (31), Hindu Mandal (16), Rabinsia (14), Regency (17) and TMJ (7) in-patients.

With the drop in Covid-19 cases, Magufuli said he was considering three more days of thanksgiving – starting Friday, May 22, where Tanzanians would thank God for delivering them in the country’s fight against Covid-19.

The president went on to say that he had instructed his Ministers to allow flights into the country as a number of airlines were fully booked till August with clients waiting travel to Tanzania.

He revealed that visitors to Tanzania would not undergo any mandatory quarantine upon arrival, but rather their temperature will be checked and as long as nothing unusual is seen, they will be allowed to proceed and view Tanzania’s wild animals.

“Kuna mashirika ya ndege wameshabook watalii mpaka mwezi wa nane. Ndege zimejaa kwa ajili ya kuja Tanzania kuanza kutalii… Wanakuja kwa sababu wanaujua ukweli wanakuja kwa sababu Tanzania ni pazuri.

“Mimi nimeshatoa maagizo kwa mawaziri wa Mali Asili na Uchukuzi waruhusu hizo ndege ziingie na wala hawataekwa kwenye karantini. Wakishapimwa temperature ipatikane iko sawa, waende wakaangalie wanyama huko,” he said.

Magufuli encouraged Tanzanians to continue working hard, so as to improve the economy, saying Tanzania would be there to help countries suffering as a result of the lock-down they imposed on their people during the pandemic.

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