Tanzania Star Singer Diamond Platnumz’s Dad, Abdul Juma Begs Son to Rescue Him from Poverty


Diamond Platnumz’s biological father Abdul Juma has sent a humble plea to his son. Mzee Abdul wants Diamond to help him earn a living.

Abdul, who abandoned Diamond and his mother when the Tanzanian king of Bongo music was very young only to resurface when his son became a celebrity, wants the musician to help him earn a daily better living.

Mr. Juma has desperately been trying to re-establish contact with his son but his efforts have been unsuccessful as the “African Beauty” hit maker has refused to give him another chance.

He is now pleading with his son to give him capital so that he can start a business that will sustain him. Abdul says he wants to open a shop where he can sell second-hand clothes.

”I don’t want him to set up a big business for me, no. I just want something small like selling mtumba, because I used to do it before. I will be grateful if he can find it in his heart to assist me.” Abdul said during an interview with a Tanzanian news outlet.

”I don’t want him to buy me a car because one needs money to maintain one. He can set up a business for me and if all goes well, I can buy a car on my own.” he added.

In an interview with a Tanzanian publication in July, Abdul had hinted that his son would be troubled after he dies.

“I know Diamond hates me so much. And this is fuelled the more because I am still alive. After I die, he will be troubled. He would wish I was alive, but I would be long gone,” said Mr Juma in an interview with a Tanzanian newspaper.

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