TANZANIA: President Magufuli praises government official for caning students

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. /Courtesy Photo
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President John Magufuli has praised a senior government official for caning a group of secondary school students who were accused of setting fire to their dormitories.

In a widely shared video, regional commissioner Albert Chalamila was captured administering corporal punishment to secondary school students who were lying face down.

According to the BBC, a Tanzanian government minister had earlier criticised Mr Chalamila for the act claiming it was only headteachers allowed to carry out corporal punishment.

However, things changed when President Magufuli dismissed those who claimed that physically punishing students is an abuse of their human rights.

“I have spoken to Mbeya regional commissioner and I told him: ‘You did a great job caning them,” said Magufuli.

“He should have caned them even more. Those who advocate for human rights should pay for the dormitories – these buildings were built by poor parents’ contributions,’’ he added.

He also called for the law on corporal punishment to be changed so that it can be meted out by all teachers and not only the schools head teachers. The president also wants to relax the rules on when caning a student might be appropriate.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that currently, even head teachers are discouraged from resorting to corporal punishment, as they got to have a strong reason to do so, and are limited to four strokes.

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