Tanzania and Uganda still witnessing totalitarian rule – Lissu

Tanzanian opposition leader Tundu Lissu. Shot 16 times in 2017 and 25 surgeries later...he lives with one bullet close to the base of his spine. Courtesy Photo
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Tanzanian Opposition leader Tundu Antiphas Mughwai Lissu has today attacked Tanzania and Uganda whose leadership he said was still rife with imperial presidency decades after British colonial rule.

Lissu, a former Chadema presidential candidate made these remarks during the unveiling of his book, “Remaining in the Shadows – Parliament and Accountability in East Africa” at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi.

The fiery politician, noted that in East Africa, it was only the Kenyan parliament that had not been captured and held captive by the state.

“According to history, our parliaments have been unable to carry out their functions well…Kenyan parliament is in a better position to implement these functions compared to both the Tanzanian and Ugandan Parliaments,” Lissu said.

– Lissu –

Media personality, Joy Doreen Biira with CHADEMA politician Tundu Lisu in Nairobi, Kenya

Mr Lissu who arrived Kenya yesterday, has been living in Belgium since November 2020 when he fled Tanzania citing threats to his life.

The politician, who was a vocal critic of the government of the late John Magufuli, ran in the October elections last year where he lost, saying it was not a free and fair election and was designed to favor President Magufuli who died this year.

Lissu, however says he was ‘relieved’ after Magufuli’s death.

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