Tanga Odoi Fires Rwampara NRM Registrar, Confirms Molly Asiimwe District Woman MP Party Flagbearer

Molly Asiimwe (R) won Rwampara NRM (Woman MP) flag with 17,808 votes
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AT Reporter

Rwampara, Uganda – The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi, has fired the party’s registrar in Rwampara, Richard Asiimwe for trying to falsify results of last week’s NRM Primaries in the district.

“You cannot stand and become a commission to declare new people. That is null and void. Kansiime Annah came second,” said Dr. Tanga Odoi in reference to Richard Asiimwe whom he referred to as a “wiseacre” having been one of his former students.

Odoi went ahead to terminate with immediate effect Richard Asiimwe’s tenure as NRM District Election Officer. Asiimwe is accused of planning to rig the Rwampara Woman MP seat primaries in favour of another contestant, Annah Kansiime.

“The NRM Electoral Commission has terminated your tenure as District Election Officer (Registrar) with immediate effect,” Odoi said in the dismissal letter.

He advised Asiimwe not only to hand over office to Mr. Muzoora Michael, the Assistant Election Officer, but also ensure all documents and monies recently disbursed to him for payment of sub county parish and village registrars are accounted for.

According to official results, Molly Asiimwe won the Rwampara Woman seat with 17,808 votes against Kansiime’s 16,566

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