Sub County Chief Accused of Frustrating UWA Revenue Sharing Projects

FILE: UWA ED, Sam Mwandha called for adequate monitoring of the funds during the handover over of cheques worth 4.5b to district leaders of Rubanda, Kisoro and Kanungu, April 2019.

Scarlet Kemigisha, the chief of Ikumba sub-county in Rubanda District is on spot for suffocating projects funded under the Uganda Wildlife Authority Revenue sharing scheme.

The money is part of the 4.5 billion Shillings that was allocated to Rubanda, Kisoro and Kanungu districts during the Financial Year 2018/2019 to communities surrounding Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area.

Ikumba Sub County expected a share of 510 million shillings’ meant to fund a number of education, roads and water projects. These include the construction of a two-classroom block valued at 23 million Shillings at St Mary’s Ndeego Secondary school, the construction of two classroom blocks at Kiriba Primary School at a cost of 19 million Shillings, another two classroom blocks at Ihunga primary school valued at the same cost.

Part of the funding was also planned for the rehabilitation of the 4.5 kilometer road from Ndeego to Mitooma at 45 million Shillings and construction of a 20,000-liter water tank in Kariba B village worth 24 million shillings. However, locals say that the structures were done half way and abandoned.

Kashaasha Parish Chairperson Nicodemus Tukahirwa says that all the structures that were constructed at the schools were abandoned by the contractor whose details were concealed by Sub County Chief. Tukahirwa also accuses Kemigisha of failing to execute her duties to supervise the projects.

Two other concerned residents, Francis Tibakanya and Wilson Kyomukama say that all the abandoned structures have started developing cracks. They add that the contractor disappeared before paying locals who had supplied materials like sand, bricks and concrete.

Rubanda District Woman Member of Parliament Prossy Mbabazi Akampurira supports the locals and equally faults Kemigisha of abandoning her responsibility of ensuring that the project is a success.

The community conservation ranger under the Uganda Wildlife Authority in charge of Muko and Ikumba part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Joseph Masabato says that the guidelines give sub-county leaders especially the sub-county chief the responsibility of overseeing projects funded under revenue sharing.

Masabato says that if transparency is not realized on such projects, the district will not be considered to benefit 2019/2020 financial year.

Kemigisha says that the projects stalled due to political interference from both the sub-county and the district. Kemigisha says that the roads were not rehabilitated after the grader was withdrawn from the sub-county on orders of a district councillor. she however declined divulge details on the purpoted withdrawal.


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