Sh6 billion spent so far on restoring Kasubi Royal Tombs


Kampala, Uganda – Shillings 6.064 billion has so far been spent on the restoration of Kasubi Royal Tombs, report issued by the Information Minister of Buganda Kingdom, Noah Kiyimba has revealed. The royal tombs were gutted by fire in March 2010.

They are the burial grounds of Ssekabaka Walugembe Muteesa I, Danieli Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa II and Sir Edward Muteesa II. Major restoration works of the tombs commenced in 2013 after Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II appointed Charles Peter Mayiga as Kingdom Premier or Katikkiro.

According to an accountability report issued by the kingdom’s Information Minister, Noah Kiyimba, through a fundraising drive popularly known as Ettofali and other efforts, they have so far spent Shillings 6.064 billion on Kasubi Royal Tombs.

“Of this amount, Shillings 4.064 billion was raised by the Kingdom and out of this 4 billion; 2.594 billion was spent on building a perimeter wall covering 63acres to protect the land from grabbers and other encroacher, construction of Bulinnya-the official residence of the Princess in charge of the Tombs, other care takers’ houses and a solar and water system among others,” reads part of the accountability.

UGANDA: Restoration Works at Kasubi Royal Tombs near completion

Kiyimba further reports that the Government of Uganda through a cabinet decision also contributed Shillings 2 billion towards the reconstruction of the Tombs and promised more funds if they are furnished with accountability. He explains that satisfied with the accountability, government pledged another Shillings 2 billion. President Yoweri Museveni handed over Shillings 300 million during the memorial lecture of Ssekabaka Edward Mutesa.

“The major works on the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga, the mausoleum at Kasubi are nearing completion with the delicate ceiling at over 90 percent. The metallic roof structure which supports the rafters of Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga is painted with rust-free and fire proof paint imported from Germany,” Kiyimba says.

Uganda Radio Network has learnt that the Japanese government grants of US$ 500,000 will used to buy fire-fighting equipment, which will be installed at the completion of the works.

“The Kingdom is working hard to ensure that the restoration of the Tombs is complete. However, it will not rush through the tedious work to ensure that all the cultural norms required to complete the works are followed to the latter,” he explained.

Kiyimba assures the people of Buganda and all others who contributed money, building materials and labor that nothing will be spared in ensuring that the Royal Tombs, a symbol of the Kingdom cherished heritage is restored to its former glory.


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