SARAH BIREETE: Ugandan Ruler’s Priorities have Nothing to do with the People

Sarah Bireete
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Sarah Bireete

Good Morning Uganda – a Country where the RULER’S priorities have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEOPLE. Government has cleared MURCHISON FALLS POWER PROJECT amidst protects by tourism operators and nature enthusiasts.

Uganda currently has one of the lowest per capital electricity consumption in the World with 215 kWh per capital per year yet the average consumption rate in Sub Saharan Africa is 552 kWh per capita and the World average is 2,975 per capita.

It’s important to note that Uganda’s main source of energy is biomass. Regarding electrical power generation, hydropower accounts for about 84% of the total installed capacity of 822 MW. The actual total electricity capacity is 550 MW and the country’s peak demand is about 489 MW.

Murchison Falls

Fast Forward: In August this year (2019), Hon Kiwanda said that due to the importance of its famed Murchison Falls as a lucrative tourism attraction, government had rejected a hydropower project proposed by South Africa’s Bonang Power and Energy.

This was after the #SaveMurchisonFalls campaign led by tourism operators and nature enthusiasts. “Cabinet rejected the idea entirely. Cabinet is of the view that Murchison Falls is one of the country’s great wonders,” Kiwanda told Reuters.

Today, the 28th Day of November 2019, New Vision has a story on the first page of how government has cleared the Murchison Falls Power Project.

THE BIG QUESTIONS: Does the current regime know anything about climate change? If Ugandans have no capacity to consume the current electricity being produced in the country, who needs more electricity that regime wants to produce by destroying the environment as well as the tourism industry? What’s the point Yoweri Kaguta Museveni? Which Way Uganda?


Bireete, is an Associate Director at Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG) 

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