RUKUNDO RUGARI: Warning To Charlatans Invading The Medical Profession

Dr Gideon Rukundo Rugari, head of the minor access surgeries at Mulago hospital (Courtesy Photo)
By :
Dr. Gideon Rukundo Rugari

What are these civilians doing in our areas of operation?

I have seen one of the Mulago Hospital administrators taking them around but what would a dog understand if one attempted to explain the value of bank notes?

What value does the inspection of operating theatres by penguins like Andrew Mwenda and Bebe Cool add to the fight against Coronavirus or anything medical?

Going through medical school is not a ceremonial activity. Whereas I didn’t have a minute to spare in medical school in my 2nd and 3rd year, Andrew Mwenda was already working for the Daily Monitor. We stayed in the same hall Lumumba, same block, same lane. Andrew Mwenda was mostly shouting about UPC & Milton Obote and making it difficult for us to concentrate.

Dr Jacob Odong, an extremely intelligent person, who used to keep us on our toes by understanding complex biological systems on the evening of having the lecture and is now working in Kenya, Dr Sulaiman Lubega who is a Paediatric Cardiologist, Drs Muwonge Nasur, Hector Tibeihaho and Henry Mwesezi with whom we used to study, discuss and challenge each other on Microbiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry etc are the professionals I know who civilians; Andrew Mwenda and Bebe Cool have replaced in making plans for providing advanced health care.

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It’s a shame. Where is Bebe Cool’s sister Dr Mina Nakawuka, a classmate who studied for 5 years and more, what the above charlatans are pretending to manage?

To Mulago Hospital administration: Those areas are out of bounds for penguins and this should not happen again. What are these people studying on the machines really? I have made this post because I have come across amateurish & false information about the capacity of ICU management at Mulago Hospital. This information will end up in the hands of decision makers and we shall be in trouble should they respond according to what I have seen.

Medical doctors are the ones who make decisions on responding to situations like the one we are facing of COVID 19.

Charlatans, penguins and opportunists please stick to what you know and let us do our work without being swarmed by con artists. The other day it was a certain professor, today it’s Mwenda and Bebe Cool. I don’t care who you might represent, don’t come to our theatres again please.

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