Remember Mamoudou Gassama?


The young man has been granted citizenship in France. At the time, Mamoudou Gassama had instinctively scaled up four floors with his bare hands to save a 4-year-old who was left unsupervised.

Gassama entered France illegally, was honoured for his bravery by President Emmanuel Macron of France. The president had promised to give him citizenship and offered him a job at the fire brigade.

President Macron has surely delivered on his promise by making Gassama a French citizen. Gassama’s bravery reminded people of famous comic fictional hero Spider Man. The comic hero has the ability to climb up walls and leap off buildings with his bare hands.

The 22-year-old hero had signed a contract for an internship with the Paris fire service and he was given a medal by the city after he met the French president at the Elysee Palace on Monday, May 28.

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