Rajiv Ruparelia speaks out after UMC Kasanda Rally 2021 win

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Today’s rally brought together 23 Drivers in a competition that also had rally ace Charlie Lubega. Though it was a tough Rally in a Private Farm, NOT a single Boda Boda was spotted on the Route.

Spectators were controlled and safety was taken under control. This is a big celebration Not only for Rajiv Ruparelia, but also for the Federation and Clubs.

“I would like to remind all my Fans, well-wishers and even my Haters to remember one thing, I have only been rallying and competing for a year,” Rajiv said.

He noted that it was his first year in rallying and just his 4th event.

“I’m learning a lot including the recent Rally when I hit a Dog and I also learnt a lot in Kenya,” he added.

He, however revealed that today, the trick was that he actually drove only 60 percent of what he normally drives.

“I toned down and cooled off the speed, kept my feet a bit off the accelerator and I stayed away from everybody before the Rally because I think a lot of the time people pile a lot of more pressure than they need to which doesn’t help to the success of the team,” Rajiv said, adding that, “God is great I have obtained these Results today, we are a Podium finish so in my first season of NRC I have managed to get to a podium.”

Jasi Mangati who came in the first, was followed by Duncun Mubiru with Rajiv Ruparelia taking the 3rd spot.

Speaking after the race, Rajiv requested fans NOT to put pressure on drivers when things are not going well because it just makes things worse.

“Lets make life fan and joyful and results can always keep coming,” he said adding that “We just have to work on our consistency together.”

The rally ace further proposed that the PEARL of Africa rally must be on cross roads because when he talked to many Kenyan Drivers, they are willing to come over.

“We can send them invitations and make it a huge event for TV stations to even cover Live. My Humble request to the federation is to just make sure that the Pearl of Africa Rally is all enclosed roads and also keeping Health and Safety”

He thanked the main sponsor Abid and Sammy Alarm who allowed the 23 drivers to have this Rally in their private Sugarcane Farm in Kasanda

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