Promote Intra Africa Travel to boost African Tourism, says Ethiopia’s Belete

Kuriftu Resorts founder and Chief Executive Officer Tadiwos Belete (middle) flanked by local tour agents from Mombasa County address the media in Mombasa during the launch of Intra-Africa Tourism Concept. /COURTESY PHOTO
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A leading Ethiopian resort in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines is out to promote intra-Africa travel and tourism for economic growth.

Kuriftu Resorts Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Tadiwos Belete said it was imperative that the Africa tourism industry comes up with innovative ways to keep the sector thriving.

Speaking in Mombasa when he met a section of tour and travel agents, Belete said tourism players around the African continent should seek to promote continental tourism and friendship.

This partnership between his hotel establishment and Ethiopian airline has the potential to drive economic growth on the continent.

“Greater intra-Africa tourism can lead to economic growth and contribute to Africa’s economic diversification efforts” he said.

Belete added that his establishment is now branching into East Africa and has already established a world class resort in neighbouring Djibouti.

He also talked about Ethiopia and noted that it had a rich history that boasts of several world heritage sites like the Gondar, Lalibela and Aksum among others which are rich in cultural and historical experiences.

Speaking on behalf of the local tourism stakeholders, Mr Mohamed Bafagih – the managing director of Vogue travel, said Africa has untapped potential that could be an opportunity within the travel and tourism industry that could spur free movement of people thus boosting boosting intra-Africa trade.

African countries need to deepen their inter connectivity to harness the dynamism of the tourism sector, Bafagih added.

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