Presidential Aspirant Nancy Kalembe Turned Away Over Nomination Fees

Presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe heading for nomination on Monday. /Courtesy Photo

Kampala, Uganda – Independent presidential hopeful, Nancy Linda Kalembe has been turned away by the Electoral Commission after failing to show proof of payment of UGX 20 million nomination fees.

Kalembe, the only female aspirant in next year’s presidential race was however given a window of opportunity to return tomorrow Tuesday for nomination after claiming that she paid but her payment failed to be reflected.

“You have failed to comply with section 10(6) which requires you to pay a nonrefundable fee of Shs 20 million before appearing for nomination. As a result, we are not able to nominate you because you have not fully complied with the requirement for nomination as a presidential candidate. So please could your agents come for your papers,” Byabakama who presided over the nomination said.

Kalembe was born to the late George Patrick Bageya, a former LC-V chairman of Iganga, and Aida Cissy Kubaaza. She is the founder of Spring Clean, a cleaning company, and Mbalimbali Ltd, a pineapple juice and jam-producing company based in Nakawa.

In a related development, John Katumba, a fresh university graduate aged 24, caused drama today when he opted to run to the nomination’s grounds at Kyambogo university playground after his car reg. no. UBD 257M got a flat tyre around Spear Motors in Nakawa.

Presidential hopeful Katumba John’s vehicle. /Courtesy Photo

According to Uganda Radio Network, the police asked his driver to park by the roadside, which forced Katumba to run off to Kyambogo in order to meet the 2 pm time set for him by the Electoral Commission.

However, Katumba just like Kalembe failed to show proof of payment of the UGX 20million nomination fees forcing the Electoral Commission chairperson justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama to turn him away.

Katumba says he could not pay the money because he has no Tax Identification Number, TIN since he is a fresh graduate and is unemployed, neither does he own a company. When asked if he will pay the money and return tomorrow, Katumba said he will continue engaging the EC to see if they can find him an alternative way to pay their money.

The youthful aspirant claimed to have been carrying UGX 20 million in the car and was willing to pay it in cash. He also claims to have written to the EC chairman on several occasions to be helped, in vain.

“I have been trying to reach out to the EC, writing to Mr. Byabakama over that issue, it looks to be a small issue but now it has stopped me from getting nominated. The issue is about having a TIN, getting a TIN needs you to be employed or owning a company, of which I don’t do any because I am a fresh graduate from Makerere” Katumba said.

Katumba and Kalembe’s debacle means that of the five candidates that were lined up for nomination today, only three have been nominated. The nominated candidates include Rtd Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, the ruling National Resistance Movement party candidate, Rtd Lt. Gen. Tumukunde Henry Kakurugu an independent and Rtd Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the Alliance for National Transformation party candidate.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that five candidates including Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the National Unity Party platform presidential candidate, Patrick Amuriat Oboi from the Forum for Democratic Change, Mwesigye Fred, Mayambala Willy and Kabuleta Joseph Kiiza, all independent presidential hopefuls are expected to be nominated tomorrow.


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