President Museveni graces Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart Concert


KAMPALA – President Yoweri Museveni on Friday night made a rare appearance at singer Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart Concert at Kololo Airstrip.

Gagamel’s Big Size kicked off his performance at 10:15pm clad in a hooded black jumper, white pants and black sunglasses, doing his recent club-bangers like 2016’s Kiki Ekiganye, Na Na Na Na and 18 ‘n Over.

At around 11pm, President Museveni arrived the venue to the shock of many revelers who had been waiting and had even lost hope.

During his about 10-minute stay, Museveni congratulated Bebe Cool on the successful concert.

“It gives me great joy to see young people performing our traditional beats with modern instruments. These productions should be shared with the world,” said Museveni.

‘Witnessing young people having fun peacefully gives me satisfaction with the work we have done over the last decades to ensure peace and security in our country”

“I also want to caution young people against reckless sexual behaviour that sometimes leads to contracting HIV/AIDS.

President Museveni thrilled revelers when he declared open bar and ordered everybody should be given free beers. This pronouncement by the President excited partiers at the concert who stormed the serving points. However, Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) management denied them beers on grounds that they had not received cash from the President. It was until late in the night that the management accepted to give out drinks after security operatives swung into action.

Museveni also thanked the young ladies who stepped up and sang “Kino Kyekiseela”. At the end of his address, he asked Bebe Cool to repeat the Kabulengane song before he could leave the show, to which the Gagamel boss obliged.

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