President Museveni Commends Patriotism Club

President Museveni greets some of the members of the National Patriotism Club of Uganda. /PPU

Kampala – President Yoweri Museveni has commended the leaders of the National Patriotism Club of Uganda for teaching the youth about the history of Uganda and how far the country has so far reached.

Mr. Museveni made these remarks this evening while officiating as Chief guest at the Patriotism Catch-up ceremony organized by the National Secretariat for Patriotism Corps of Uganda that took place at Kololo Independence Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala.

He said that the NRM Government introduced Patriotism Clubs in secondary schools 10 years ago to teach students in their local languages in order to ensure that they will not grow without knowing where their country had come from.

Mr. Muveseni said that government had introduced free education in government schools to ensure that parents who could not afford to pay school fees for their children in private schools get the chance to bequeath education to their children.

Regarding Patriotism Clubs, he revealed that government is going to allocate funds to them in every district throughout the country, as entandikwa, to enable them become job creators.

”I have travelled all over the country teaching people how they can become job creators. We are going to allocate funds to Patriotism Clubs as entandikwa to also enable them become job creators,” President Museveni said.

He asked the youth who have not had chance to attain a higher level of education, to join patriotism clubs in their respective areas so that they can be taught about issues regarding their health and hygiene, among others.

Commissioner for National Patriotism Clubs of Uganda, Brigadier Mwesigye Patrick, reported that the Patriotism Catch-up Programme was tailored to reflect on the performance of the Clubs since they came into being a couple of years back.

He requested government to make October 2nd every year a national environment day that the Patriotism Clubs can use to plant trees throughout the country in order to conserve the environment.

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