President Kenyatta commends KDF for diversified, modern training approaches

The Head of State spoke Thursday when he presided over the pass out parade of KDF recruits at the Recruits Training School (RTS) in Eldoret. PSCU Photo
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ELDORET – President Uhuru Kenyatta has commended efforts by the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) to modernise its operations including training to effectively deal with emerging security challenges.

The President said the need to adjust, modernise and diversify KDF’s training so as to ensure Kenya remains safe from emerging security threats could not be over emphasized.

“Our soldiers must always have the skills to secure our country and our region,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State spoke today when he presided over the passing out parade of KDF recruits at the Recruits Training School (RTS) in Eldoret, where he congratulated the graduands for completing a rigorous seven month military training course.

President Kenyatta cited terrorism, radicalisation and violent extremism as some of the security threats that KDF has to protect Kenya against.

“That is why our Kenya Defence Forces will continue its operations in AMISOM,” President Kenyatta said.

He urged every Kenyan to work together with the country’s security formations to defeat terrorism, radicalisation and violent extremism.

Emphasizing the need for national unity, the President commended KDF for demonstrating unity in its structure as well as its members’ diversity and harmony.

“For its part, KDF is a standing rebuke to the forces of division. In its unity, in its patriotism and in its devotion to the sovereignty of the Republic, it shows the very best of Kenya as a nation,” the President said.

President Kenyatta noted that in national and international security and peace operations as well as in community service, KDF has shown that inclusion and unity in service always wins.

“I ask those who have graduated today to dedicate themselves to maintaining that unity, that inclusion and that excellence,” President Kenyatta urged the graduands.

The Head of State advised the new graduands to conduct themselves diligently, with discipline, integrity and professionalism as well as loyalty in line with the oath of allegiance they had taken.

As new service men and women of the Kenya Defence Forces, President Kenyatta urged them to cultivate the virtues that make a loyal and effective soldier for Kenya.

“These virtues are patriotism, knowledge and selflessness in service. You cannot truly protect what you do not love. I ask you today to cultivate deep love for this country,” President Kenyatta urged the young soldiers.

The President further advised the graduating soldiers to seek knowledge and to put the interests of the country first in order to effectively keep Kenya safe.

“You cannot truly protect Kenya if you put yourself or your interests first. So learn to put your country and countrymen first,” the Head of State added.

While congratulating the female soldiers in the graduating group, the President observed that the growing number of Kenyan women joining the defense forces was a sign of KDF’s inclusivity.

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