Police in Uganda arrest ‘Jesus’ for behaving suspiciously

Police reports indicate that Semakula was first arrested in 2016 in Kapeka sub county, Nakaseke district and charged for being a member of an unlawful group. /Courtesy Photo
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Police in Uganda have arrested a man who claims he is Jesus Christ. Solomon Semakula alias Elosam Emmanuel Prince Michael, was arrested on Monday, October 7, at Kikaabya village in Bamunanika sub county, Luwero District.

According to Gideon Byomuhangi, OC Wobulenzi Police Station, the self-proclaimed Messiah was arrested alongside three other people after raising suspicion with his weird behaviour.

Byomuhangi said the police were questioning the main suspect to find out why he calls himself Jesus and behaves the way he does.

“He was calling himself Jesus Christ and we responded to the invitation of the locals of the village in which he stayed. So when we got there, we found that what he was doing, putting on blue things only, blue sandals, walls painted blue, carpet blue, we tried to be inquisitive to find out why he was behaving like that,” Byomuhangi said.

‘He said he wore blue, because the sky is blue. And he told us he is the true son of God called Jesus Christ and was born of the spirit, not by man,” the OC Wobulenzi police added.

Africa Tembelea has also learnt that Semakula was first arrested in Kapeka sub county, Nakaseke District around 2016 and was charged with belonging to an unlawful society.

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