North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Reportedly ‘Dead’ … After Botched Heart Surgery: TMZ

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North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ‘died’, or is on his death bed with no hope for recuperation – reports Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ).

While some media outlets continue reporting that Kim Jong-un is in a “vegetative state”, a a Hong Kong-backed news channel’s vice director – who is apparently the niece of a Chinese foreign minister – has according to TMZ blasted out the news … saying ‘he’s dead’.

TMZ further reports that the woman put the report on a social media app called Weibo for her nearly 15 million followers to read, citing a “very solid source” about the claim Kim had, in fact, perished.

Citing a Chinese medical expert privy to the situation – TMZ says that Kim had clutched his chest in early April and fell down while visiting the countryside.

“He needed a stent procedure done, but apparently … it either wasn’t done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon,” TMZ reported.

International reporters on the ground say if Kim was doing alright and not on death’s doorstep, he and his team would figure out a way for him to show up to squash the rumors.

Apparently … Saturday marks a major military anniversary in North Korea, where they celebrate the founding of the Korean People’s Army in 1932 – a day North Korea celebrates annually with a parade where Kim is always present.

TMZ says if he doesn’t appear, then probably something is wrong.

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