No Evidence Linking Nantaba to Ssebulime’s Murder-Police

FILE PHOTO: Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga
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Uganda Police Force (UPF) has explained why State Minister for Information, Communication Technology (ICT) Idah Erios Nantaba, cannot be implicated in the murder of Ronald Ssebulime.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said there was no evidence linking Nantaba to Ssebulime’s murder a reason no file was presented to Directorate of Public Prosecution – DPP for prosecuting the minister.

Ssebulime was arrested on March 24 and killed by police officers on a Patrol in response to Nantaba’s alerts that she was being trailed by the victim with intent of killing her.

Police officers arrested, handcuffed and then shot Ssebulime twice in the chest killing him instantly as nearby residents looked on.

Ssebulime’s killing sparked public rage after investigators led by Kampala East Criminal Investigation commander, Bernard Muhumuza and witness accounts revealed that he was actually holding a bag containing snacks which he was taking to his children at St Andrews Kaggwa in Mukono along Kayunga road on visitation day.

Through lawyer Muwada Nkunyingi, his family sued Nantaba and four police officers including Corporal David Ssali, Constables Ronald Opira, Edward Cherotich and Ronald Baganza.

Enanga said Ssebulime’s family was hoodwinked by their lawyer that they could actually sustain a case against the minister who was not anywhere closure to the crime scene.

“The honourable minister [Nantaba] has never been placed at the scene of murder. You know lawyers will always come out trying to convince their clients that if we go against the minister we would have a good case. But the minister was not at the murder scene. In murder, you look for person who killed and weapon used,” said Enanga.

Enanga said Cpl Ssali who recorded an extrajudicial statement admitting to killing Ssebulime is the only person whose trail should be closely followed for the deceased’s justice. Ssali was charged in Mukono and he is currently on remand.

Asked on why three other policemen; Opira, Baganza and Cherotich who were at the crime scene were exonerated from murder charges, Enanga said they have since been turned into witnesses against their colleague.

Police insists that Opira, Cherotich and Baganza, restrained Ssali from shooting Ssebulime but he acted on his own.

Witnesses told police that when Ssebulime had been dragged on a Patrol vehicle, Ssali received a telephone call. After speaking on phone, he allegedly told his colleagues that the order had changed and Ssebulime was to be killed.

Ssali allegedly pulled Ssebulime off the Patrol and shot him dead. To date, police have never explained who ordered Ssali to shoot Ssebulime dead though he was in handcuffs.

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