Nigerian Doctor’s Advice to Pregnant Women – ‘Stop Taking Bread And Tea’

By :
AT Reporter

Dr Olufunmilayo from Nigeria has advised pregnant women to stop taking bread and tea.

In a post on twitter, the Doctor whose aim is to help save a life, argues that taking too much bread, tea and Coffee prevents a pregnant woman’s body from absorbing Iron.

“Pregnancy on its own causes low blood levels for many women. Some of these women are placed on iron tablets to boost their blood levels. Now tea/coffee are known to make it difficult for the body to absorb iron. And when taken with something like bread; the impact is worse,” he adds.

He goes on to advise that if one can, then to much consumption of bread and tea especially when pregnant should be reduced.

“If you must have tea/coffee/bread, give yourself some hours before/after taking iron tablets,” he recommends.

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