New App launched to battle Locust swarms

Desert locusts on trees in Amudat district, Uganda

Locusts have been swarming across East Africa in recent months, devastating crops and threatening food security in the region. However, a new App launched by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation is expected to help battle these pests.

Called E-Locusts, the app allows a team of ‘locust scouts’ to track the swarms and provide real-time information on their size and location.

Upon getting this information, it is logged in a central database and analysed by technical teams who then decide what action to take including whether to spray pesticides either by plane or with ground teams.

Africa Tembelea understands that on average, locust swarms of around 40 million insects can travel up to 150 km a day, and consume enough food in that time to feed 35,000 people.

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