Nataliey Bitature: How to stay on top of your game as an entrepreneur


Everyone has their strategies for success. Some people may share more than one trait that they employ to succeed, but you can rarely find people who are doing it the same way and achieving the same results. Some of these traits, we are born with, others are a combination of things we picked from mentors and other people we look up to.

During the 2018 Young Achievers Awards ceremony, Nataliey Bitature, who scooped an award in the Business category because of Musana Carts, a startup she confounded alongside Keisuke Kubota and Manon Lavaud — was asked by the moderator Maliaka Nyanzi to advise the budding entrepreneurs who were at the event on how they can thrive in this startup ecosystem.

Immediately, Bitature gave four tips she says have been crucial in her business pursuits and felt could work for others. These are: Stay in office late, read books, work harder than everybody else, talk about your business with everyone wherever you go (and don’t be worried about them taking your idea.)

Musana Carts, which Nataliey Bitature cofounded in 2015, is startup that offers solar-powered vending carts that can support a fridge and stove. The carts also come with a battery backup and light which can be used to charge cell phones and support refrigerators.

The World Economic Forum in 2016 named Nataliey among the top 5 African innovators because of this startup, and that same year they (Musana) participated in the US $1 million Hultz prize competition.

Recently, Musana closed an expansion deal with The Coca-Cola Company. Nataliey Bitature is also a co-founder of two other companies — Tateru Properties, which deals in real estate services and Handymen Uganda which connects customers to services such as painting, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and so on.

Additionally, she is the Chief of Staff at Simba Group of Companies, owned by her father and a director at Project 500K, an organization founded to equip Ugandan youths with entrepreneurial skills.

Bitature holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Education Studies from Keele University, UK and a Master’s of Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School in San Francisco.

She was this year among the four Ugandans below the age of thirty that were recognized in Forbes Africa Magazine.


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