Nambooze to Health Minister Ruth Aceng: ‘Now you’re like any other selfish NRM Politician’

In this art piece, Health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is commended for her great work in the fight against COVID-19. (Dr. Enock Ssebunya/File)

Dear Sister Jane Ruth Aceng

I was one of the doubting…. I thought that this is an old photo brought around by your enemies to confuse Ugandans. Curse your Public Relations office because if you were properly guided you would have just kept quiet or if you considered it so important that you’re heard the ministry PRO would have written a vague clarification.

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But for you with your own words to take yourself at the scene of crime is so implicating that in a civilized world you would have resigned Immediately…. First of all, it’s a big mistake and a big blow to the fight against Covd19 for you to announce that you are joining elective politics. Uganda is not short of Women Politicians (MPs) instead Uganda is short of ethical medical professionals.

Whoever advised you to join the race for moreover I women affirmative seat is your number one enemy. Ugandans had embraced you as their chief Musawo whose face we the taxpayers pays to put on TV calling on Ugandans to respect the World Health Guardians in order to fight Covd19.

We more or less looked at you as a non-partisan Country’s Chief Medic. I know the character of Museveni and his people…. they fear people who have a National endorsement and to kill it they trick and sets them up against society. This is exactly what has been done to you. You can even face a bigger embarrassment when they rig you out and you are made to look a fool before your very people.

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I feel so sad that your effort to keep Ugandans health in this so challenging time has been dragged in the mud and wasted. Now you’re like any other selfish NRM Politician. Of course one can argue that you are out to serve society but I wish to inform you that there are lots of other ways to make a difference and have a fulfilling job in politic. Whether that’s in a political party, the private sector, consultancies or NGOs. The fact is that not all of us will be in elective politics and as a Country we should be able to preserve a few souls to occupy offices that need a unifying character.

From your Honorable Sister.

Betty Nambooze, Member of Parliament, representing Mukono Municipality

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