NABILAH NAGGAYI: Bobi Wine’s victory is tomorrow, the day of his nomination


The man who charms millions with his guitar, the birds with his voice, the ladies with his sharp style, the youths with the swagger and bounce in his steps, the grannies with his childish smile, the kids with his high fives, the ghetto with his lingua, the corporate with his self belief and veterans with his large sized ego is now officially government and ruling party’s enemy number one. How does he do it? They ask.

They tried the military, the army, the police, the spy network, the judiciary, prison, planting enemies from within and even the constitution to stop his wave BUT without success. Now, this good-for-nothing ghetto boy who they said couldn’t attract even a fly is being nominated tomorrow 03 Nov 2020 for the highest office in the land.

Like the Egyptian Pharaoh who ordered the killing of all first born male Israelite babies out of fear that the Israelite slaves would one day rise against him, the order now in this 21st century Uganda, is to use the entire state machinery and suspend parts of the constitution if they have to, to halt this Bobi wave.

03 Nov 2020 will not be about presidential nominations. It will be about a baby boy who used his ghetto background to find his voice in society. A young man who proved that talent combined with personality and self belief can overcome military might.

Bobi’s victory will not come next year after the elections. It is tomorrow, the day of his nomination. They said he was a joker, a time-waster, a lumpen – but up until today when their candidate was nominated, they have copied and applied his campaign tactics.

They say they have the majje and guns, but they’ve turned to youths, music and art – Bobi’s world – to compete and stay in the game. To mobilise, they dropped their ‘historical’ rhetoric and back benched old faces in preference to their own version of ghetto youths and back street social media influence-rs. Shockingly, they’ve had to invade Bobi’s camp to corrupt and blackmail them. They say its politics – but aren’t they the ones who said Bobi was useless? What are they doing in his backyard?

Bobi, tomorrow – Is your moment. Step out of the car and begin the long walk to history. After the signing, start the walk back with the bounce in the steps. The swagger. Move this way and that, look to the left and right. Smile. Straighten that jacket, steady that beret. Now show the thumb and clench those fists. Smile again…we need that.

It’s your weapon. Then bounce again. When you reach the open space, pause and look in all directions. This is your time, your moment. Take it all in. This is Kyagulanyi remember. The charmer. It’s why the guns fear you. If they can’t see, am sure they will smell you, if not hearing you…

The boys are looking. The ladies are looking and the kids are watching. We corporates are smiling. Everyone is doing something. We love you. Don’t wave yet; clench fists and punch the air one last time. That’s all we want to see.

If you’ve got nothing to dance about, find a reason to sing. I have a reason to sing tomorrow.. The last stick of hope is left with you Bobi….

If nothing else happens next year in March, tomorrow alone will be enough for tens of millions of Ugandans to take the knee and thank God for you. You, the ghetto boy, has shown Ugandans that the power indeed lies in their hearts.

You have made an entire state live in a permanent state of panic with your smile and charming personality. That bounce hurts them. That swag kills them. It’s what Hon. Kyagulanyi does. And that for us is victory. The guns have played no part – just the smile, the bounce and swagger. Its a young man’s world. Our world today.

Best of luck our principle…..

Nabilah, is the incumbent Woman Member of Parliament for Kampala, and aspiring Lord Mayor 2021-2026

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