My NRM Flag was Snatched at Gunpoint in a Bloody Coup: Col. Mwesigye

Fred Mwesigye (L) says mafias tried to politically assassinate him but failed
By :
Baluku Geoffrey

Col. (Rtd.) Fred Mwesigye has said that the National Resistance Movement party flag for Nyabushozi county was grabbed from him by mafias on gun point.

In a strongly worded statement shared on social media on Sunday morning, the incumbent Nyabushozi Member of Parliament, noted that the party flag was not cast in stone and could be withdrawn any time.

“My NRM flag was snatched at gunpoint in a bloody coup where the Mafias tried to politically assassinate me but failed,” said Col. Mwesigye.

Col. Mwesigye revealed that he was trying to evaluate the situation and will soon come out with the way forward.

He thanked his voters for the passionate support, and went on to say that, “what separates people was not the presence or absence of difficulty, but how they deal with the inevitable difficulties of life.”

“It takes powerful mental toughness to come out of difficulties not weakened but strengthened and apply the lessons learnt from experience,” the bush war hero said.

Col. Mwesigye was on October 15, 2020 defeated by Ambassador Wilson Kajwengye, who polled 22,148 votes (61.1%) against the former’s 14,121 (38.9%) after a reelection.

The reelection in Nyabushozi came after cases of alleged massive rigging in the primary elections held on September 4, 2020 had given Col Mwesigye a lead with 36,147 votes against Kajwengye’s 13,248 votes and Christopher Bakashaba 5,601 votes.

Kajwenge challenged these initial results and petitioned the declarations made on September 5, by the Kiruhura district NRM returning officer, David Agom Andinda citing voter bribery, intimidation and malpractice.

In his petition, Kajwengye and his supporters asked for President Yoweri Museveni’s intervention to restore sanity in the process. The president intervened to set up a team of investigators whose report indicated that there were 56 villages whose results were changed. They also accused Kajwengye of causing chaos and disrupting voting in 28 of the 200 polling stations across the constituency.

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