MUZAHURA TO MIKE MUKULA: Dont vulgarise succesion debate with trivial, hopeless tribal rhetoric

Edwin Muzahura
By :
Edwin Muzahura

Hon. Naduli and Hon. Mike Mukula have made some gravely shocking statements about what they call ” Westerners” regarding who should succeed the President.

I was petrified to say the least!!

The two are more concerned about where the next President should come from than the quality of the President!!!

You dont hear them talk about what type of leader we should have after President Museveni but they would rather gag all other potential candidates from the west because according to them we simply cant have another “Westerner” as apresident. How sad??

They almost sound like the other Ugandans have been stopped or denied the right to compete for Presidency.

When folks like JPAM, Besigye, now Tumukunde come on stage then hell breaks loose since they are all Westerners according to them. Ooh how idiotic!!

Why dont you start by offering your selves for the same office or encourage those you deem from the right regions to run for the highest office??

So Bwanika, Mabirizi, Bidandi, Otunnu, Mao, Kalya were here why didnt you support them??

We must fight this kind of reckless and poisonous brand of self seeking Politicians.

Ugandans of all race, tribe, gender can compete for any leadership position. The imagination that you will gag others with this shallow analogy we shall flatly reject.

Your attempt to sow seeds of hate and divisions amongst the population along tribal lines is not only irresponsible but criminal.

I almost thought Hon. Nadduli was probably betrayed by his lack of depth in society dynamics and demographics but to be joined by aschooled Captain Mukula in this pit is rather unfortunate.

Shame upon you Mike. You disgraced us who know you.

Mukula: We Shouldn’t Have Another Westerner After Museveni
Gen. Tumukunde, show us your balls first!

We should be keen on choosing leaders with capabilities to deliver what we want for all Ugandans not who their Fathers and Mothers are because no body votes or chooses to be born where they are born.

Do you even know how many tribes are in the west. Are you sure Bakonjo and Bakiga are the same??

You surely can do better.

Succesion debate should be guided by sober, well intentioned mature minds otherwise we shall reject and fight such elements head on.

The views expressed in this article [Opinion] are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Africa Tembelea’s editorial stance.

Muzahura, is a former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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