MUZAHURA to Gen David Muhoozi: You were a brilliant CDF yet grounded in exceptional humility!

Gen David Muhoozi

Quite often humanity expects the best from individuals in positions of leadership and complain when they don’t meet their expectations but very rarely do we appreciate those that have exceeded our expectations!

Gen David Muhoozi I want to take this opportunity to thank you for serving your Country well as CDF.

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You have been a great professional, brilliant commander yet grounded in exceptional humility!

Where your forces have errored you didn’t hesitate to apologize and make good but also enforced strict discipline in your forces.

We are proud to have had you at the helm and are sure you will continue to shine in your new role.

I am particularly happy that you have handed over office to yet another great humble, disciplined professional soldier Gen Mbasu Mbusa Mbadi. He is such an asset too.

Thank you General MD and God bless!

Edwin Muzahura, is the Chief Executive Officer at Networth Consult & Former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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