MUZAHURA EDWIN: Religion the Silent Killer of Africans!

Mr. Edwin Muzahura
By :
Edwin Muzahura

The biggest threat to Africans today is nolonger disease, famine and wars but False Religion cults and cartels.

Religion that is grossly misleading and destroying away the African core of establishment which is Family.

The new religion that tells husbands that by being in church shouting Monday to Monday, some miracle shall happen, get you a visa to the promised land to be enslaved and shall put food on your table without working for it. That something good will happen to you by not working and crying the whole night in church.

The teaching that young men and women can abandon schools and spend their entire time in church serving God. Hence abandoning Education. Who said God wants uneducated people only. These children have no future and their parents are heartbroken as cult leaders prey on them enriching themselves.

Preachmonies that have wives abandon their homes, husbands and children to spend nights and days in churches carrying bottles of annoiting oil in pursuit of order and happiness which they have actually left behind.

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They teach them that its okay to even disobey your partner as long as you are in church and follow your preacher’s guide andding that your husband is actually possesed by some demons and family is doomed unless you invest time in church.

As a result children are neglected, abused and husbands abandoned and marriages break up in the long run but the Pastors continue convincing these other partners that its all good for as long as its for God but what they actually mean is that its all well as long as you are serving me!

They control the mind of even the highly Educated, sell their books to them, annointing oil and gather billions from the confused lot as they seek miracles from the “Men or women of God”. They tell them that they are being bewitched and need deliverance hence increasing the amount of time they will have to spend at their churches and offertory expecting special prayers.

Families are breaking up under this silent killer as everyone looks the otherside.
Wives are nolonger wives and Husbands nolonger husbands.

That you willl get a beautiful house, car, family all through staying awake jumping up and down in church is false teaching that breeds laziness.

Our God of Abraham teaches hardwork, honesty, and the value of family as you pray!

This cult teaching has had many of the middle class citizenary abandon their traditional religious churches that nourished family and society on true life values and teachings to amore glam and flushy churches with blazing speakers and great music.

They have their followers live under fear of being watched all time and can curse or spell doom for them if they disobey or not worship them.

Some are sadly even sleeping with their followers and run secret powerful cartels that destroy any one accusing them of these fellonies.

What we have is sodomy, theft, family break ups, grown up men and women who live on laziness and abandon hard work in pursuit of the easy ride to glory by donating even the little they have.

We have areal challenge and we must confront this sickness before we have a continental crisis.

Religion is good and indeed Faith is great in shaping any Society but false teaching is worse than Nuclear weapons and can wipe out an entire continent or generation!


Muzahura, is a former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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