Museveni to Civilians: ‘You risk being shot if you throw stones at security officers’

President Yoweri Museveni /PPU
By :
AT Reporter

KAMPALA – President Yoweri Museveni has warned civilians of possible repurcussions if they throw stones at security officers who don’t have protective gear like shields and helmets.

Speaking at State House Nakasero today, Museveni said that in self-defence, the officers could easily be tempted to use live fire to disable the stone-throwers recalling an incident some years ago when ASP John Bosco Ariong was stoned to death while carrying out operations in downtown Kampala.

“In rural areas be very careful, it’s not like in Kampala; you are not going to throw stones at them and then you injure them and they let you go,” Museveni said.

Pte. Alex Niwanyine in Gulu Hospital. He lost an eye while enforcing Covid-19 curfew in Bibia Municipality, Amuru District.

He said that throwing stones to officers on duty who have no protective gear is not only very dangerous but can also lead to death.

“The other day we punished soldiers that caned people… This was because they violated the standing orders of policing. They can only use violence in self-defence- nobody has a right to assault a member of the security forces,” the President said.

“Anybody in the security forces has the right to use reasonable force to subdue you and arrest you,” he added.

Meanwhile, the president who extended the lockdown of the country to more 21days said that their main focus now is the porous borders that people from neighbouring countries are utilizing to cross into the country.

He vowed to deal harshly with any security officer who corruptly allows anyone to cross into Uganda despite the closure of the borders.

“You are not going to be charged with corruption or negligence of duty because you know the consequences of allowing people into the country. We are going to charge you with murder or attempted murder,” Museveni said.

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