Museveni sacks URA Boss Doris Akol, appoints John Musinguzi as new Commissioner General

Former URA Commissioner General Doris Akol
By :
AT Reporter

KAMPALA – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has today appointed John Musinguzi Rujoki as the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner General, replacing Doris Akol.

“By virtue of powers granted to me by the Constitution, I have appointed John Musinguzi Rujoki as the new Commissioner General of URA,” President Museveni tweeted on Sunday March 29, 2020, adding that, the new Commissioner General’s appointment takes immediate effect.

Doris Akol’s departure from the tax body is shrouded in mystery as she had just started her second four-year term as URA’s Commissioner General.

However, sources from Statehouse, say President Museveni, fired Doris Akol for her ‘failure’ to fight corruption at the institution.

“Mzee (President Museveni), cited corruption. Although Akol was very clean, her failure to hold to account other officials at various levels of the organisation did her in,” intimated a source at Statehouse.

The former URA boss [Akol], immediately sent an email to all staff at the institution saying: “His Excellency has just appointed Mr. John Musinguzi as the new Commissioner General with immediate effect. Let’s welcome Mr. Musinguzi to the URA family and render him utmost support,”

Mr. Musinguzi, a former Senior Presidential Advisor on ICT and Investment Matters, has currently been serving as the board chair of the National Information Technology Authority (NITA).

Prior to that, he also worked as head of the finance and audit department in the Special Revenue Protection Services, a military unit attached to Uganda Revenue Authority.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computing and Information Systems from the University of Greenwich and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Makerere University.

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