Museveni, Magufuli, Ruto pay tribute to Kenya’s ex-president Moi

FILE: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni (left) on March 29, 2019 paid a courtesy call on ex-president Daniel Moi (centre) at his Kabarnet Gardens home in Nairobi. PHOTO COURTESY
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Baluku Geoffrey

Kampala – President Museveni Tuesday described the death of former president of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, as a great loss to his country, the East African region and the entire African continent.

Moi, 95, died on Tuesday morning at Nairobi Hospital. He was president of Kenya for 24 years.

Mr Museveni said he first met Moi in 1979 after the defeat of [Idi] Amin [the former president of Uganda].

“It is no doubt that Kenya, East Africa and the entire continent has lost a great leader. I first met Mzee Moi in 1979 after the defeat of Amin,” President Museveni said.

Adding: “Mzee Moi was an active East African. He supported the East African Community and its integration. Him, Mzee Hassan Mwinyi and myself revived what had become the defunct EAC.”

Museveni also noted that, when the NRA waged the Liberation Struggle, he [Moi] was critical and that they kept him abreast of the struggle.

“He was a true Pan-Africanist, who worked closely with the masses. He was also a deeply religious person. My condolences and that of Ugandans to His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, the Moi family and all Kenyans on the passing of this icon,” Museveni said through his known Facebook page.

Kenya’s former President Daniel Arap Moi has died, aged 95

Popularly known to Kenyans as Nyayo, a Swahili word for “footsteps”, Moi often said he was following in the footsteps of the first President, Kenyatta. This earned him the sobriquet “Professor of Politics” due to his long rule of 24 years, the longest in Kenyan history.

Just like Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali, Tanzania’s John Pombe Magufuli has also commiserated with president Kenyatta and the Kenyan people upon the death of Mzee Moi.

Magufuli says Tanzanians will remember him for his efforts to promote diplomatic relations between the two countries.

On his part, Kenya’s Deputy president, William Samoei Ruto described Moi as a man who left the trail of ‘an undeniable legacy of success against daunting odds.’

Ruto, who entered politics under the guidance of the late head of state said that Moi lived a humble life and rose from being a teacher to the echelons of power, a situation he attributed to his personal values.

“As a teacher-evangelist who improbably and reluctantly entered political leadership and excelled in it, Mzee had no time to prepare or learn outside the job. His genuine concern, selflessness, loyalty and sincerity, however, enabled him to stay in power and attract the support of millions of patriots,” Ruto said.

“We will never forget Mzee’s legendary personal discipline and determination to serve God all the days of his life, and the lessons, as well as the example he has set for us, must enable us to strive to excel in our time. He taught and mentored many into leadership. I being one of them,” he added.

Ruto credited Moi for presiding over the smooth transition of power when former President Mwai Kibaki won the 2002 elections, after which retired gracefully.

Kenya’s former Prime, Minister Raila Odinga also paid tribute to Moi and thanked him for restoring multi-party politics in Kenya.

Dr. Kiiza Besigye, a four-time presidential candidate in Uganda has also hailed Moi for his legacy on peaceful transfer of power.

For Uganda’s First Son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, he has been all praises for Mzee Moi whose government he said, allowed many Ugandans to take refuge in Kenya during the NRA struggle.

However, it hasn’t been all praises as Kenyan opposition figure, Miguna Miguna, known for his sharp tongue instead accused former President Daniel arap Moi of being responsible for most of the problems Kenya is facing.

Speaking to BBC’s Newsday programme, followed by tweets on his known twitter handle, Miguna said Moi had left a horrible legacy of destruction in Kenya.

He [Miguna], said he was sad to hear that Moi had died without being punished for his crimes.

“On behalf of the millions of innocent Kenyans who have and will endure systematic, artificial but grinding poverty, unemployment, institutionalized tribalism, nepotism and theft of public resources, I wish to express regret that Moi died without being punished for his crimes,” Miguna tweeted.

Adding that: “The Chief Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga will now hold public mourning processions and #BBIFraud rallies to celebrate the life and legacy of their professor of tribalism, poverty, looting, land-grabbing and electoral theft.”

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